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"I'm no innocent school kid. My hands are already dirty..." -- Mikoto, ch. 1

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Giovanna's Note: Aside from this note, this website is exactly as I found it on The Wayback Machine. It's no longer available elsewhere, and I was unable to contact any prior owners of the effort here. I host it to make a extensive translation project of an otherwise sadly unknown piece of work available for fans to discover and enjoy. Note that the Cast section was never built, and I was unable to get the Authors section off the machine. The meat, so to speak, however, is available in full, along with Hasegawa's...unique...artwork. Enjoy!

While digging through old magazines, I found a missing piece of Shounen Ou material in September 1999's Newtype- a two page introduction!

(Click on the small image to see a larger copy). I'm hoping to have the article translated soon- it appears to be a short explanation of the story, including author bios for Hasegawa and Enokido. Once the translation's complete, I'll use it to fill out the Authors page.

In other news, the Characters page is under development.

Credit where Credit's Due:
This site would not be possible without the hard work of the following two people:
Mark Neidengard, who singlehandedly translated the texts of each of the ten chapters, and Himemiya of himemiya.net, who scanned the images from the issues of Newtype.

This material was originally archived at a site belonging to Craig Puckett and Himemiya, which was called Become a Stranger. The site was originally hosted at himemiya.net, then moved to Craig's mokushiroku.com. However, the site disappeared a while back. This site is an attempt to remedy that situation and promote interest in this fascinating work by two of the team members who gave life to Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Evangelion and FLCL.

A couple of notes about the Dirty Hands 'edition' of Shounen Ou:
I have made only -very- minor modifications to Mark Neidengard's translation- primarily reformatting the text to HTML and replacing an occasional word here or there to improve clarity for the reader. These changes were made with Mark's gracious permission. The novel was originally published in ten chapters in the Japanese Newtype from October 1999 to July 2000. As far as I know, no collected novelization or reprinting was ever done. (If you know of one, PLEASE inform me!)

Shounen Ou, its images and characters, are 1999-2000 Enokido Yoji/Hasegawa Shinya/Kadokawa Shoten/Newtype Magazine. This site is intended as promotion and information and is not meant to infringe on the property rights of the work's authors. Website design is by c.spray, 2002.